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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

SEO Tips for Online Business in the U.S.

USA retailers SEO tipsThe USA online market is now growing more than anytime before. Consumers are becoming more and more confident shopping online, and the result is that the country’s internet retailing sector is now a multi-billion dollar industry and competition is also getting stronger.

Here are a few tips that should leverage your Online Business SEO:

1- Your TLD should be ".us" not ".com"

Although it is an online business on the World Wide Web, it is still Local and you want to rank higher for your country for real ROI.

Most merchants often forget that their SEO efforts will be measured by "organic rankings" on (and not .com). It would also be a good practice to bu the ".com" and redirect any traffic coming to it to the official ".us"

2- Set Geo Targeting in Google WebMaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools is important for a number of SEO reasons, but it can be especially useful for US companies, as it allows you to tell Google the location of your website. This is important if you are using a .com.

3- Use your Local Keywords:

If your business is targeted one state you have to mention its name in many places in your pages. If you are a country-wide business try to create pages for each state and target it as an entity. Use the Title Tags, headings, rich snippets, etc.

4- Take Advantage of Physical Addresses

It’s important to add any relevant physical address to footers or a Contact Us page, particularly for merchants with a local or regional focus. Also, do not forget to add your business to Google Places for business 

5- Develop States-focused Link Building Strategy

Do some research to find potentially relevant American websites and social media influences  See what they’re doing and interact as much as you can. In the meantime, get busy sharing, replying/retweeting, and posting relevant content.

6- Submit to Web Directories and Local Directories 

One of the most effective ways to generate quality backlinks is to submit to major directories, including general web and business directories (DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc.), RSS feed directories, and those unique to your niche. Also, identify your Local directories and submit your business to them and get listed.
The more you submit, the more you will increase visibility to search engines and potential visitors. But of course take care not to submit your site to low quality directories or it will have negative results on your rankings and might get you penalized.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Google Analytics Visual Dashboard and Reports Creation

DashThis is an interesting easy tool that brings all your Analytics Data and Social Media Insights to a visually attractive Dashboard. 

It also saves you a lot of time in reports creation.

Moreover, if you are an SEO Agency and needs tailored white-labels reports, you can also create them with DashThis.

Further, you can add a dashboard for your Adwords accounts and see all the needed information from one place. 

The Only Problem with this lovely tool is that it is expensive for all the data it gives you are already free.
For 10 dashboards you have to pay 99$/month and for 100 dashboards you will pay 449$/month.

In Conclusion, if you are a really big agency, you might like it. If not, you can enjoy it during the 15 days trial (but only for 10 dashboards) 

analytics dashboard and reporting
DashThis Dashboard

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How Display Adverting Can Cost More than Just the Money?

Every Advertising Specialist (Whether Online or Offline) knows how important selecting the Ad space is. No company wants to put its Ad in the wrong place, or in a hidden space. That is why I highly recommend not to use the Automatic placements. Imagine if you are offering travel packages to Greece, you do not want to put your banners over a site citing news about turmoils in Athena because the Automatic placements engine will relate the keywords without understanding the CONTEXT. Or if you are a MacDonald's like brand you don't want to put your sandwiches pictures beside a title that says junk food is bad for your health.

Here are some funny examples on how ads can cost more than just the money.

1-Misplaced Offline Ads

2- Misplaced Online Ads

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Google Email Targeted Adwords Display Ads

By +Mina Adly Younan
Google has launched a new type of Display Advertising Ads targeting your Gmail Account with supposedly relevant and contextual ads.

What is new about this type of Ads is that when you click them, they do not take you directly to the Ad Landing Page, but to your inbox where you can find a more promotional email.

The Perks are: 

1- You can save it to your inbox
2- Forward it on
3- Or you can dismiss it (then you won't see it again).

Google Email Markeing Adwords
A Screenshot from My Gmail inbox

In My opinion, it is very useful especially when you are advertising coupons, offers, events, or informative resources that your clients might find them useful and would keep them inboxed.

So, Are Google up to the email marketing business now or what?! 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Do You Know What is TOFU in Online Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Experts separate the "Inbound Marketing Sales Funnel" or Calls to Actions (CTAs) into 3 basic parts. "ToFu", "MoFu", and "BoFu".

TOFU: Top-Of-The-Funnel

A top-of-the-sales-funnel offer may be a "free ebook" that offers information about or a solution to a particular problem your prospect may have. The "ToFu" part of the Funnel is primarily unaware buyers, or uninformed prospects in "research mode". These people aren't necessarily ready to buy, but are beginning their research mode.

MOFU: Middle-Of-The-Funnel

The "MoFu" part of the Funnel is Interested Buyers that see that you're a possible solution for their "problem". They're intersted in your product or service but not necisserily from you.This may be something like a case study of how your product or service solved a particular issue for one of your customers. It is still informative, but showcases your product or service and what it can do for the prospect.

BOFU: Bottom-Of-The-Funnel

The "BoFu" is for those viewers or prospects who are ready to buy, and know you have a solution for them.
When someone is ready to really check out your company and what you can do for them they will respond to this offer. An example would be "Free Consultation", "Free Evaluation", or "Free Demo".