Saturday, 7 February 2015

What is The Future of Web Analytics?

Wondering what's the future of web Analytics? 

Always asking why a visitor to my website clicked on this link? or why  stayed that long on this specific page? or abandoned the shopping cart at that specific stage?

Maybe the answers to all these questions can be found in that new little device, that will add a totally new dimension to the Analytics equation... Emotions!!!

PND is developing PND Wearable - a "personal neuro device" that gathers information on the wearer's moods, emotions and health. This new device will be attached to Google Glass (The inevitable wearable in the near future). The device itself has many functions (What I like most is using one's brain signals to control a mobile game with hands free). But in the future's future when everybody will be wearing this little device to track their emotions, and when they browse any webpage with their Google Glass, the Neuro Device will send their neuro signals to it and eventually to Google Analytics.

Not Just Online, But Offline too!!

Let's say a person goes to Walmart and geolocation recognizes this, with geolocation features, that person could receive ads to his Glass about new Walmart promos, when clicked the visitors data (and his emotion) will be stored and analyzed.