Friday, 9 January 2015

How to Make The Analytics ROBOT to send virtual traffic To Any Site or Track Visits to Your Physical Rooms!!!

Ever wondered how traffic bots work? How come you put any URL in this simple app and you receive thousands and thousands of hits (seen on Analytics) with any parameters or metrics you like.
You can identify which pages receive the traffic, session duration, used device, screen res., even IP, medium, source, etc. So you can actually see in your traffic reports on GA that you've received your traffic from CNN, NY Times, Yahoo, or even Google.

The way such traffic bots work is very simple and straightforward and can used to trigger traffic signals from almost anything.

Here is the HOW it Works:

It sends a 'get request' through the Measurement HTTP Protocol using to GA servers on its URL:

For Example:

All what you have to do is to put this in the address bar of your browser and press Enter:

You can find all the Parameters here: 

Now you understood the logic, you can run this request through a very simple app that changes the CID and sends the request automatically via a list of proxies, or instead you can build this small device and... 

YOU CAN TRACK YOUR HOME VISITS WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS and see how many rooms are visited the most!!

Full details are here: