Friday, 30 May 2014

How to create Google Plus +Post Ads for maximum engagement?

+Post ads amplify your brand’s content by easily turning Google+ posts into display ads that run across the web. The live, social ad format allows you to go beyond clicks to live conversations with your audience. People can join a Hangout On Air, add a comment, follow your brand or give a +1, right from an ad.

Starting May 2014 +Post ads are now available to all advertisers who meet the following 4 requirements:
  1. Before you create a +Post ad, first make sure you meet the following requirements:
  2. Your Google+ page must have at least 1,000 followers.
  3. Your post should contain content that’s relevant to your audience.
  4. You have opted in to shared endorsements for Google+ pages

Promoting Hangouts on Air across the web:

You can now also promote your Hangout on Air with +Post ads that lets users take specific actions before, during, and after the broadcast. Users can RSVP prior to the Hangout, watch the broadcast live, and view a recording after the event.

Automatically promote your most recent post

At any given moment, there is someone interested in your brand, but it’s challenging to make sure you reach people at every moment that matters. Now you can automatically promote your most recent Google+ post, and pay only when people engage with your content, extending the reach of your social content across the web.

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