Friday, 7 February 2014

Why is it So Important to Understand the Difference Between Keyword and Anchor text?

Google evolves by leaps and bounds, and now it is using natural keyword distribution formula to determine what websites have natural link profile and what sites don't. 

Back in 2011, it was really simple to find the anchor text for your links. You simply found the keyword phrases which your customers were using to find your website and then started to use them as the anchor texts for your links. But since 2013, if all the anchor text are keywords, your site is likely to be penalized for using unnatural link building techniques. 

Only if your link building campaign looks natural, then your link building campaign is effective and drives you loads of traffic. 

When links are built naturally, then various anchor texts are used:
  • URLs (, )
  • brand names, (Walt Disney, BBC)
  • keywords (watch cartoons, channel for kids; latest news, news channel)
  • combination of keyword and brand name (Walt Disney park in France, watch Disney cartoons; BBC news, latest news on BBC channel)
  • combination of keyword and URL (cartoons for kids at, - official page of Disney; latest news on, Neuron growth 'cuts memory space' by )
  • other words (learn more, find out now, visit the website)
Did you notice how many various anchor texts you miss if you target only keywords?