Wednesday, 24 July 2013

21 Quick SEO Ways to Get Ranked and Penalized

Here is a list of what is called "Black Hat SEO" or Methods to fool search engines to make your website rank better even if it does not have a value.

I am giving you this list so simply you do not use its methods if any of them came to your mind and you think you are smart and will fool Google. Most probably, you won't and you might too get penalized.

Have Fun!

  1. Article Spinning
  2. Site Scraping
  3. Site Mirroring
  4. Doorway Pages
  5. Link Farms or Sybil Attacks
  6. Automated Content Stuffing
  7. URL Redirection
  8. Paid Links to pass PageRank
  9. Cloaking
  10. Keyword Stuffing
  11. Blog Spam
  12. Low Value Contnet
  13. Meta Tag Keyword Stuffing
  14. Multiple H1 tags
  15. Abuse of automated query tools
  16. Over Optimization
  17. using the same keyword in all anchor texts
  18. Site-wide links (footer links)
  19. Links from Foreign Language Sites
  20. Excessive Link Velocity
  21. Hiding links in CSS and JavaScript files  

Source: 25 ways to get penalized in 2012