Thursday, 11 April 2013

What to Do if your Are Penalized by Google?

It may happen that some inexperienced SEO guy gave you some old-fashioned SEO advises that may have involved black hat or low quality SEO and the results was being penalized by Google's Panda and Penguin Algorithms.
Now, you know your fault and learned the lesson that Quality Content and natural links is what Page Raking is all about, it is time to fix (or try to fix) what has been broken.

In few points, I will list what should be taken care of to build your emergency strategy

  1. Think Quality and start building for the future and Google will compensate you. 
  2. Remove over optimized anchor text. and use more natural ones like (your domain, click here, learn more, etc.)
  3. Remove your links from all link farms and sites with low quality content and page rank (you can use SEOmoz and Webmasters Disavow Tools)
  4. Clean up your content and remove any low quality and duplicate pages. 

remove google penalization