Monday, 18 March 2013

Ad Copies and Landing Pages A/B testing Best Practices for SEO

All you need to know about A/B Testing for landing pages and Ad copies for better SEO. 

Q: What is A/B testing?
A: Running different versions of the same creative and analyzing which has better impact. 

Q: When to do A/B testing?
A: 1 every 2 weeks

Q: What is a Winning Version?
A: Every 4 tests, you will find one apparent winner with 20% more conversion rate

Q: What to test?
A: In fact, everything should be tested, nut we will focus now on Landing pages and ad copies

Q: How to A/B test?

11 Obvious A/B Tests You Should Try

  1. Free Vs. Not.
  2. How to Video Vs. Features.
  3. always on (scrolling) sign-up button Vs. Static.
  4. Long form fields Vs. Short forms.
  5. 2-step checkout process Vs. multi-pages checkout.
  6. embedded live version of the product Vs. screenshots.
  7. Free trial Vs. Money Back Guarantee. 
  8. 14-days trial Vs. 30-days trial.
  9. Time based bonuses Vs. Open Time.
  10. Offers with a dollar value Vs. free offers without a dollar value.
  11. Green button Vs. Red Button.