Thursday, 7 February 2013

Quick SEO Crash Course - 15 minutes Video Tutorials

To all the SEO Newbies (as well as All SEO Savvies) here is a short 3 Crash Video Courses (around 15 minutes only) that will give you some SEO Gist.

The First Video, On-Site SEO focusing on improving the onsite search engine optimization driven by Content like Optimizing Title Tags, photos, keywords optimization s. Keywords stuffing, local business SEO, etc. Also, it presents some SEO Pro Tips:
1- Submitting a new website: at
2- Checking the indexed pages: by Googling: Site:
3- For Local Business, Add your Self to Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local

The Second Course is on Social Media's effect on SEO.

The Third video is focusing on Google Algorithms updates (The Panda and the Penguin) and how to find if you have been penalized by either or both of them, and what to do to recover from such impact.