Friday, 1 February 2013

Interactive Images Advertising for Publishers with Luminate

If you have an active website with pictures (photos) more than text content, and you choose to monetize these images, "Luminate" systems will review them and match the image to compatible advertising campaigns running.

Overlay advertising is available for all approved publishers and if your site generates a large amount of traffic, Luminate will contact you directly to set up Luminate premium advertising where their team of experts will tag products in your pictures.

The Luminate icon alerts consumers that an image is interactive. Consumers can access relevant content just by mousing over an image.

To set up the Luminate Image App Platform on your site, simply add one line of JavaScript to all pages that have images you would like to turn interactive. Within minutes of adding the code, the Luminate icon and sharing app will appear. You can then add additional apps, including apps that help you monetize your images, by visiting the app store.