Friday, 18 January 2013

Setting Up Landing Page Experiments on Google Analytics

Landing pages are a crucial element of any PPC campaign, so it is important to test them regularly.
Google Analytics offers up a nice tool to help us testing some items on websites landing pages.
Formerly known as Website Optimizer (standalone product), Analytics Content Experiments is now integrated within Analytics and acts as a tool for testing changes to your landing pages. One of the best parts about this tool is the fact that it automatically reveals if a test is statistically significant based on the KPI you select.

1. Click on Experiments under the Content Reporting section as shown below.

2. Enter the destination URL of the page you’re trying to improve.

3. Give your experiment a name and enter the destination URLs for each page you want to test. If you want to test more pages, simply click the Add Variation link at the bottom, as shown below.

4. Specify your experiment options. First, you need to select a KPI that Analytics can use to determine the results. In the example below, I’ve selected Email Leads. You also have the ability to decide how much traffic you want to participate, setup email notifications and more.

5. Add the Analytics Experiment code to your control/original page. If you want to add the code yourself, simply select that option as shown below. You also have the option to email the code to your developer if you don’t have access to the javascript.

6. The last step in the setup process will check to make sure the code has been placed on your page. As shown below, you can see that the system has recognized the fact that my code hasn’t been placed yet. If you want to check this later, you can select the skip validation and continue link at the bottom.

You can learn more about Analytics Content Experiments and other features for improving conversion rates here.