Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Free SEO Tools to Monitor Your Brand Reputation

Basic (Free) Tools to Monitor your Brand (name):

1- Google Alerts: are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic. You can subscribe to each alert through email and RSS. The alerts track blog posts, news articles, videos and even groups. Set a “comprehensive alert,” which will notify you of stories, as they happen, for your name, your topic, and even your company.

2- Yahoo! Pipes: is also a good tool for aggregating and combining feeds into one central repository.

3-Technorati: is the largest blog search engine in the world. They say that if you don’t claim your blog in Technorati, then you don’t own it! When you register with it, Technorati tracks “blog reactions,” or blogs that link to yours. Search for your brand on Technorati, and subscribe to RSS alerts so that when someone blogs about you, you find out.

4-Backtype: is a tool for monitoring blog comments. If people commented on various blog posts, citing your name, you never used to have a way of tracking it, until now. Backtype is a service that lets you find, follow, and share comments from across the web. Whenever you write a comment with a link to your Web site, Backtype attributes it to you.

5- Yacktrack: lets you search for comments on your content from various sources, such as Blogger, Digg, FriendFeed, Stumbleupon, and WordPress blogs. If you comment on a blog, you can locate other people who are commenting on that same blog post and rejoin the conversation.

6- Commentful: used to track your social comments on the web.

7- co.mments: Also used to track your social comments on the web. 

8-  boardtracker.com to get instant alerts from discussion boards threads citing your name (brand).

9- Boardreader Also used to get instant alerts from discussion boards threads citing your name (brand).

10- Big Boards The same as the above it is used to get instant alerts from discussion boards threads citing your name (brand).

11- Twitter search where you can locate any instances of your name and decide whether you want to tweet back or ignore them. It really depends on the context and meaning of the tweet.

12-  Twilert used to receive email alerts about tweets mentioning you

13- TweetBeep additional tool you can use to receive email alerts.

14- FriendFeed is a social aggregator. You have the ability to take all of your social accounts, such as YouTube, Delicious, Twitter, blog, and Flickr, and pull them together into a single (Friend) feed. You can conduct searches on your brand throughout all social networks at once using this search engine.

15- Alert Thingy. very helpful if you want to receive alerts straight to your desktop

16- Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services. It allows you to track mentions of your brand across all of these areas.

17- Serph social search engine

19- Keotag.Other social search engine

20-  Filtrbox only delivers the most relevant, credible mentions of things you need to track.

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